Wuromise Outdoor Table




Jan 2021



Create a set of 7 high-quality, engaging, and informative images for the Wuromise brand outdoor table to be used on Amazon listings. These images should highlight the product’s features, benefits, and usage scenarios to attract potential buyers and enhance the overall shopping experience.

Target Audience:

  • Homeowners with outdoor spaces (gardens, patios, balconies)
  • Individuals looking for durable, stylish outdoor furniture
  • Families and entertainers who value functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor setups

Image Breakdown:

  1. Main Image: Clean Product Shot
  • Description: A high-resolution image of the outdoor table on a plain white background.
  • Objective: Showcase the product clearly and comply with Amazon’s main image guidelines.
  • Elements to Highlight: Overall design, material finish, and any distinctive features.
  1. Lifestyle Image: Table in Use
  • Description: The table set up in a stylish outdoor setting (e.g., garden or patio) with chairs, tableware, and possibly people using it.
  • Objective: Help customers envision the table in their own outdoor space.
  • Elements to Highlight: Versatility, how it fits in with various outdoor decors, and size perspective.
  1. Feature Callouts: Key Design Elements
  • Description: Close-up images of key features with text callouts.
  • Objective: Emphasize unique selling points and details.
  • Elements to Highlight: Durable materials, weather-resistant finish, foldable design, or built-in features (e.g., umbrella hole).
  1. Dimension Image: Size and Scale
  • Description: A diagram showing the table’s dimensions (height, width, depth).
  • Objective: Provide precise measurements to help customers understand the size and fit.
  • Elements to Highlight: All relevant dimensions with easy-to-read labels.
  1. Assembly Process: Easy Setup
  • Description: Step-by-step images or a single composite image showing the assembly process.
  • Objective: Assure customers of the ease of assembly.
  • Elements to Highlight: Tools required (if any), simplicity of steps, and final setup.
  1. Durability Test: Material Strength
  • Description: Images demonstrating the table’s durability (e.g., weight-bearing test, weather resistance).
  • Objective: Build trust in the product’s longevity and robustness.
  • Elements to Highlight: Stress points, heavy items on the table, exposure to weather elements.
  1. In Context: Various Use Scenarios
  • Description: Images of the table being used in different contexts (e.g., family dinner, BBQ party, kids’ play area).
  • Objective: Showcase the table’s versatility and multiple use cases.
  • Elements to Highlight: Adaptability for different occasions, ease of cleaning, and multi-functional use.

Additional Notes:

  • Consistency: Ensure all images have a consistent color palette, lighting, and style to maintain a professional and cohesive look.
  • Branding: Incorporate subtle Wuromise branding where appropriate, without overshadowing the product.
  • Amazon Guidelines: Adhere strictly to Amazon’s image requirements, including size, format, and content restrictions.
  • High Resolution: All images should be high-resolution to ensure they look good on various device screens and when zoomed in by customers.


  • 7 high-quality images in JPEG format, optimized for Amazon.
  • Editable source files (PSD) for future modifications.
  • Brief descriptions or captions for each image to aid the product listing setup.

This comprehensive image set aims to enhance the product’s appeal, provide clear and detailed information, and ultimately drive higher conversion rates on Amazon.


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Wuromise Outdoor Table