Haiblau Flat Mop And Bucket Set




May 2024

Flat Mop & Bucket

Produce a set of 7 professional, high-quality images for the Haiblau brand’s product to be featured on Amazon listings. The images should highlight the product’s key features, benefits, and various use scenarios to attract potential customers and improve conversion rates.

Target Audience:

  • Consumers looking for premium and reliable products in the relevant category
  • Individuals who appreciate high-quality craftsmanship and innovative design
  • Customers seeking products that offer a blend of functionality and aesthetics

Image Breakdown:

  • Main Image: Clean Product Shot
  • Description: A high-resolution image of the Haiblau product on a plain white background.
  • Objective: Clearly showcase the product while adhering to Amazon’s main image guidelines.
  • Elements to Highlight: The product’s overall design, finish, and distinctive features.
  • Lifestyle Image: Product in Use
  • Description: The product in a real-life setting with people using it (e.g., in a home, office, or outdoor setting depending on the product type).
  • Objective: Help customers visualize how the product fits into their daily lives.
  • Elements to Highlight: The product’s integration into various environments, and how it enhances the user’s experience.
  • Feature Callouts: Key Design Elements
  • Description: Close-up images with text annotations pointing out the key features.
  • Objective: Highlight the unique selling points and detailed craftsmanship.
  • Elements to Highlight: Special functionalities, materials used, innovative design elements, and any user-friendly features.
  • Dimension Image: Size and Scale
  • Description: A graphical representation showing the product’s dimensions.
  • Objective: Provide customers with precise measurements to ensure the product meets their spatial requirements.
  • Elements to Highlight: All relevant dimensions with clear, easy-to-read labels.
  • Product in Action: Usability Showcase
  • Description: Images of the product in action, showcasing its usability and functionality.
  • Objective: Demonstrate the practical applications and ease of use.
  • Elements to Highlight: Different scenarios of the product being used, highlighting its versatility and user benefits.
  • Quality and Durability Test: Material Strength
  • Description: Images demonstrating the product’s durability and quality (e.g., stress tests, close-ups of high-quality materials).
  • Objective: Assure customers of the product’s durability and superior quality.
  • Elements to Highlight: Strong build, high-quality materials, and any certifications or standards met.
  • Packaging and Accessories: Unboxing Experience
  • Description: Images showing the product packaging, included accessories, and the unboxing process.
  • Objective: Set expectations for the unboxing experience and showcase included extras.
  • Elements to Highlight: Attractive packaging, all included components, and the product’s protection during shipping.

Photography and Production Notes:

  • Consistency: Ensure a consistent look and feel across all images with regard to color palette, lighting, and style to maintain a professional and cohesive appearance.
  • Branding: Subtly include Haiblau branding where appropriate to enhance brand recognition without overshadowing the product itself.
  • Compliance: Adhere to Amazon’s image requirements, including size, format, and content guidelines.
  • High Resolution: Deliver all images in high resolution for optimal display quality on various devices and when zoomed in by customers.
  • Editing: Post-production editing to enhance image quality, correct colors, and ensure a polished final look.


  • 7 high-quality images in JPEG format, optimized for Amazon.
  • Editable source files (PSD) for future adjustments.
  • Brief descriptions or captions for each image to facilitate the product listing process on Amazon.

By providing these meticulously crafted images, we aim to significantly enhance the Haiblau brand’s product appeal, provide comprehensive and detailed information, and ultimately drive higher engagement and conversion rates on Amazon.


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Haiblau Flat Mop And Bucket Set