Terms & Conditions

Kindly review the Terms and Conditions before utilizing services provided by F5 Design Studio. These terms, along with the Privacy Policy, collectively form an Agreement that governs your access and usage of the site.

By interacting with f5designstudio.com or using our services, you acknowledge and accept the terms of the Agreement, thereby entering into a contractual relationship with F5 Design Studio. Your utilization of services and the website signifies your agreement with the terms outlined in the Agreement.

Section 1


F5 Design Studio is committed to ensuring a positive user experience when utilizing our services.
To achieve optimal results with F5 Design Studio services, please provide the necessary images and information in the requested format conditions. For the preservation of the original quality of uploaded images, F5 Design Studio utilizes third-party services such as Wetransfer (additional details about third-party services can be found here).
We highly value your interest in our services and are dedicated to delivering results in the form of images that closely align with your expectations. Upon completion of payment as per the contract or within 14 days of receiving the final results, the provided outcome will be deemed acceptable unless you contact F5 Design Studio within this timeframe.

Payment signifies your agreement that all order conditions have been fulfilled. If any errors related to service provision or fulfillment of order details are identified within 24 hours of receiving the results, please contact F5 Design Studio to report the issue. We are committed to customer satisfaction and will rectify errors until all details in the order are met and accepted by the customer.

F5 Design Studio deletes provided content from its system approximately fourteen days (14) after the delivery date. We are not responsible for the quality of delivered images if the quality of customer-uploaded images does not meet the required final quality standards.

You acknowledge full responsibility for all photos sent to the site. F5 Design Studio does not claim ownership of the content you upload; you retain complete ownership. If you lack the right to use or modify uploaded images but grant permission for modifications, you provide us with the necessary rights to work on the photos.

By submitting an image, you guarantee that it does not contain harmful materials that may adversely affect the performance of F5 Design Studio services. When creating an order or purchasing a service, you confirm that you have the right to use the images or other materials.

You grant F5 Design Studio a worldwide, complete, non-exclusive, royalty-free, unlimited, irrevocable license under all intellectual property rights for editing, reproducing, modifying, distributing, publicly performing, and other uses of the image for reasonable F5 Design Studio purposes.

You agree to indemnify and hold F5 Design Studio harmless from any claims, liabilities, losses, demands, or expenses arising from your use of f5designstudio.com, including any breaches of this Agreement. You commit to cooperating with F5 Design Studio in any claims or defense efforts.

Section 2

Delivering the project

F5 Design Studio delivers the final results through a public web address (URL) utilizing the services of third parties. Access to the edited images is exclusive to you. Links to third-party websites from F5 Design Studio are offered for your convenience, enhancing your experience with our studio services. However, you bear full responsibility for using these links and should exercise caution when navigating these websites.

F5 Design Studio does not oversee or take responsibility for the working conditions or content of third parties. If you choose to use these websites for purposes other than obtaining final images from F5 Design Studio, you do so entirely at your own risk.

F5 Design Studio is not accountable for any damage, loss, or risk resulting from the working conditions and performance of third parties.

For the various services provided and their specific types, F5 Design Studio offers different pricing. Once all details of the order are provided, F5 Design Studio establishes the delivery time (ranging from 7 to 14 days) based on factors such as the number of photos, service type, and workload. Prices, delivery dates, and other order details will be presented to you for review before starting the project.

F5 Design Studio determines the delivery date based on its knowledge and understanding of the work process. However, due to the nature of the service and type of work, F5 Design Studio does not guarantee that an order will meet the specified delivery date.

If the actual delivery date differs from the date mentioned in the order details, you may contact F5 Design Studio to discuss the difference in delivery time. In such cases, F5 Design Studio may refund 50% of the order price. However, F5 Design Studio does not offer refunds for images delivered within the established timelines.

F5 Design Studio is dedicated to delivering the final result by the specified date and ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Please note that F5 Design Studio provides only the final delivery without drafts, examples of concepts, idea samples, or interim results.

Section 3


Pricing for our services, including specific types, is determined by F5 Design Studio based on the complexity of the work and the associated processes required to achieve high-quality results, according to the studio’s standards.

Please note that F5 Design Studio reserves the right to change service prices with prior notification. All payments must be made in United States Dollars (USD).

Upon reviewing order details and finalizing the price and delivery schedule, F5 Design Studio generates a contract. You will receive a notification to either accept or decline the contract.

The moment you accept the contract marks the commencement of the countdown for delivery. By accepting the contract, you confirm the purchase of F5 Design Studio services and agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.
It is your responsibility to cover any applicable duties, taxes, or tariffs associated with the order, excluding F5 Design Studio’s income.

Section 4

Revisions and Refunds

F5 Design Studio offers Amazon graphic design services and other design services with the benefit of unlimited free revisions. 

These revisions cover color changes, text modifications, title adjustments, element placements and the removal of details from the final images, provided such alterations do not impact the overall concept and style of the design. Any requested changes to the final images with different scope of editing will be subject to analysis and may lead to extra charges. 

In cases where the original information, provided by the client, lack specific details, concepts, examples, or a preferred style for future images, F5 Design Studio relies on the vision and skills of its designers.

Requests for changes based on the provided final result, which do not pertain to the original requirements or contract conditions, can only be accommodated through a new contract.

Any requests related to final delivery that necessitate changes in the overall design concept or style, such as altering or adding models, products, generating new ideas for specific images, creating or changing lifestyle photos, or modifying visual elements and layouts, are not covered and can only be undertaken within the scope of a new project.

By escrowing payment and sharing all relevant materials, content, images, and files, the client acknowledges the initiation of the project. In doing so, the client has conveyed all necessary information regarding their preferences for the final results and places full trust in F5 Design Studio’s vision and professionalism. It is essential to note that any additional materials, new requirements, or preferences shared after the project starts will be discussed and could be a subject of an extra charge.

F5 Design Studio explicitly disclaims any implied warranties concerning satisfactory quality, performance, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or noninfringement.

The final delivery, accessible through a link in the agreed-upon folder of files, is deemed a complete 100% provision of service. Consequently, requests for a full or partial refund of the payment for the service cannot be accommodated. F5 Design Studio exclusively provides final delivery without intermediate results.

Section 5

Website License

F5 Design Studio grants each customer limited, non-exclusive rights to access and utilize the website. This implies that downloading or modifying any content on f5designstudio.com is strictly prohibited. Copying, duplicating, or employing any part of the site, including its sections, for commercial purposes is also prohibited.

Please be aware that the use of trademarks, logos, or any visual, copyright, and proprietary information from f5designstudio.com, including mages, elements, layouts, and forms, is not permitted without the express written consent of F5 Design Studio.

These rights do not extend to the use of links on the site and its pages in a manner that could misrepresent F5 Design Studio in a false, misleading, or obscene light.

Section 6

Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances will F5 Design Studio be held liable to you for any incidental, consequential, direct, or indirect damages, including but not limited to damages for lost profits, savings, business interruption, or compromised personal information arising from the contract, tort, or any other legal grounds. This includes:
– Difficulties in using f5designstudio.com;
– Defects in purchased services provided by f5designstudio.com;
– Unauthorized access by third parties to your information;
– Any issues related to services purchased through the site due to negligence.

F5 Design Studio’s liability to you, under this Agreement or for services rendered, is limited to the total payment for the services provided per the order.

While F5 Design Studio endeavors to deliver professional services, it cannot guarantee that the website or its features and functions will meet all customer requirements in terms of speed, timeliness, security, error-free operation, and defect-free performance.
F5 Design Studio is committed to delivering high-quality services but does not warrant that the services, information, or other materials will meet all customer expectations. No warranties, whether implied or express, are made regarding the provided services. All implied warranties concerning the quality of satisfactory service, level of service provision, sales ability, and so forth, are explicitly disclaimed. Some laws may not allow for implied warranties or limitations on how long an implied warranty may last, and these limitations may not be applicable to you.

Section 7

Rules of Conduct

When submitting a request through any of the forms on the site, you will be prompted to provide identifying information, including but not limited to your email and name.

By providing this information, you consent to participating in the mailing campaign facilitated by F5 Design Studio.
F5 Design Studio conducts an active mailing campaign and adheres to a mailing policy, the details of which are outlined below:

– Upon sharing your email, we may use it to express gratitude, comment, reply to inquiries, and furnish necessary information. We retain communication history and correspondence to stay engaged with your activity on the site.

– If you choose to disclose your identifying information, you agree to receive information about F5 Design Studio’s services, news, promotions, discounts, offers, etc. We utilize your email to deliver relevant information and services until you decide to discontinue receiving them by using the “unsubscribe” button provided in non-order-related emails.

Section 8

Changes and Modifications

F5 Design Studio retains the right to implement changes and modifications to the Terms and Conditions, with or without prior notification to the customer. The revised Terms and Conditions will be published on the site, displaying an updated date and taking immediate effect.

Your continued use of f5designstudio.com and its services following the publication of the new Terms and Conditions will be deemed as acceptance. It is acknowledged that F5 Design Studio holds no liability to you for any alterations or modifications made to the statements included in the Agreement.

Section 9

Intellectual Rights

F5 Design Studio exclusively owns all rights to the site and its content, encompassing images, photos, logos, text, information, design, icons, videos, music, files, and materials provided to customers on f5designstudio.com (collectively referred to as the “Content”). Both the site and the Content are protected by intellectual property rights, including global copyright and other applicable laws.

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