How can I make an order?

Use the start project tab from the main navigation, describe your project, upload files (optional) and hit Get it Done button. If your order requires more explanation, please use the contact form and send us a message.

Do we need to meet face to face?

It is not that essential to meet in person. Also it will be too difficult to do that. We prefer managing and moving the project via E-mail, skype, phone.

What is your hourly rate?

Typical graphic design projects are $50/hr. for a small or medium task. Revisions are not included.

Do you offer fixed prices?

Yes. The price you are quoted will always be the final price, unless you change the scope of the project during the process.

Do you require a deposit to begin design work?

If you are a new client, we generally ask for a 50% upfront payment to start your project. If  something goes wrong ,we guarantee that you will be FULLY refunded without any questions.

How can I make a payment and what method should I use?

There is an integrated payment gateway on the webpage. You will be sent instructions how to use it. Accepted payment methods are: Paypal, Payoneer, Credit Card.

How long does the fulfillment of a project take?

It really depends on the complexity of your project. In some cases it will take just hours, in other cases it could take up to 2-3 weeks.

Do you use stock artwork (images, illustrations, etc .)

If a stock image is required, we use it with the watermark in the artwork presented to the clients, and explain to them that this piece of graphic is now OURS and it requires a license. We obtain the license for the current graphic and share this information with the clients. WE DO NOT STEAL IMAGES AND CLIPART.

How will I get my design project files when it is done?

A finished project is yours when we receive the final payment. You can get the electronic files on CD, dropbox, WeTransfer, or through e-mail.

Do you keep a copy of my files in case I lose them?

Yes, we store all projects we have done for our clients. And of course we DO NOT share any information regarding your project with any of the clients.

Are you always available?

Yes, we are always available, in cases of urgency we`ll work even during the weekend.

Will I get an invoice for the services?

Yes, we are registered LLC. and will provide invoice upon request.

I need something designed yesterday. Is it possible?

We live in a world where everything is possible. You will just have to pay a rush fee. Contact us for details.

What do you require to get started?

We require your company name, tag line(optional), industry, competitors (optional), color scheme (optional), brief description about your company.

When i can expect the logo concept proposal?

5 days after you made the deposit. In case of urgency, please contact us and explain your case.

How many logo concepts will I receive?

You will receive UP to 3 logo concepts. During the design process we examine carefully all options we have made and present the best 3 options to you.

Do you offer revisions?

Yes, we provide unlimited revisions , but they are charged by hour.

What is the difference between a concept and a revision?

A concept is a complete new logo. A revision does not mean a brand new logo but changes such as placement adjustments, font changes, color changes etc., done to the already designed logo.

What happens if I do not like the presented logo concepts ?

Revisions are minor changes to the logo concepts we have presented. Revision does not mean an entirely new logo proposal. If you are not happy with the logo/logos concepts presented, you can request new set of logos for an extra price, or you will be  make 100% refunded.

What is a 'Brand Guideline System”?

Brand Guidelines (also commonly referred to as “brand standards”, “style guide” or “brand book”) are essentially a set of rules that explain how your brand works. These guidelines typically include basic information such as: an overview of your brand’s history, vision, personality and key values.

Can you design a brand book?

Yes, you can request a brand identity system.  Usually it explains how the logo is made and how to properly use it in different types of media. Definitely something useful for your brand.

What is your logo design method?

Reading the brief >Make a research > Sketches > Refining the sketches > Scanning > Refining the best pieces > Make them vector.

What is a vector file and source file?

A vector file is a file which can be scaled up(zoomed in) to any extent without losing its quality. Source file is the Adobe Illustrator file which the logo was created with. You can do any changes to the logo yourself if you get the source file.

What are the final files I should receive?

The Logo delivery will include: .ai (Adobe Illustrator CS) (Vector source file) .eps (Adobe Illustrator CS) (Vector source file) .jpg (White Background) (Square and exact layouts) .png (Transparent Background) (Square and exact layouts) .psd (Adobe Photoshop CS) and any other format you request. Print and web ready.

Can you include stationery design for the brand package, and what does the stationery include?

A double sided business card, letterhead, envelope, and anything else you request.

What does the social media kit includes and can you provide it?

Social media kit consists of Profile picture and Cover image picture. We can provide both. You just have to tell us for which social medias you need the kit?

I have a logo but it is too old. Can you revamp it?

Yes, all we need is the current logo you have and some explanation for the desired changes.

I have my logo in Jpeg, can you make it vector?

Yes, please provide the logo you have and we will vectorize it.

I already have a logo and I need stationery design. Can you help?

The only thing you have to do is to send us your logo and let us know what pieces of stationery you need. After having approved the designs you will  get print ready files.

What do you require to get started?

Dimensions, contents, printer requirements, template provided from the printer (optional).

How long will it take to get my project done?

It depends on the complexity of the project. Number of pages, image retouching etc..In most cases you get the concepts in 3 days.

What software you are using?

We use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop and CorelDRAW. You can get your project done in any of these.

Do you design brochures?

Yes, you have to provide us the print template or let us know us the size and type of the brochure you are after. You will receive print ready files.

Do you design business cards and stationery?

Yes, please just provide the details and any additional content and you will get your files ready to print.

I need a magazine advertising, can you help?

Yes, all we need is the specifications provided (size, orientation and content). The digital files will be delivered in print ready format. We also offer resizing.

Do you make flyer design?

Yes, we do. Please provide the dimensions, single or double sided and the content.

Do you design book covers?

Yep, one of our favorite things to do is making book covers. Both print and e-book. We require the print template for the book jacket, content for the cover ( Author, Title, Subtitle, some other details if you want, what is the story of the book and ISBN No. We can generate the ISBN (just need the numbers).

I need a book cover design for Amazon, can you help?

Yes, we are common with Amazon, Cratespace, Blurb etc., e-publish requirements. You will receive digital copy of your cover in the following formats : PSD, PNG, PDF, JPEG.

My files got rejected from the printer, can you help?

Any printer has its own specifications and requirements about the accepted files. If you do not meet some of those requirements, you probably will be rejected. Yes, we can help you with that, too. Send us the files you got, tell us what print service you are using and we will fix the files for you. You won`t be rejected anymore.

I have a file which is 72dpi, I need it to be 300dpi. Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible. Provide us the file, we will fix it for you and send a hi-resolution copy of it.

I got my project files, but they are not print ready. Can you help?

First we need to check your files and their status. In most cases (90%), we are able to fix and send back print ready files.

Can you make large print banners?

Yes, please provide the details and specifications of your printer.

I need copywriting for my marketing materials. Can you help?

Tell us more about your marketing materials, what is the sphere of your business, and what is your target audience. We offer copywriting and will be happy to help you.

Can you remove a watermark from image?

We do not  do that. We consider it  not fair.

I need a package designed. Where should I start?

You should let us know what type of package you need. What is the material to be used for that package (carton, paper, foil, nylon). Next we need description of your product. Where is your marketplace? Do you have the content ready for the package (texts, images, content, barcode). Can you provide a print template (diecut) for the package? Have you spoken with your print service provider about more specifications?

I need a private label product package, it will be printed in China and I need design done.

That is great. Provide us the print template and the content for your package and we will handle it from there.

I have an existing package but I need modifications to be done. Can you help?

Show us your current package, provide the project files if you got them and tell us what modifications you want? Change of graphics, resizing, turn in to one color design, make a variation of it. You will get back your package files in editable and print ready formats.

I need a product label designed. What should I do?

Give us the size of the label and provide the content. If you need help with the content, we can help, too.

I need a 3d mockup for my package. Can you make that?

Yes, you can request a 3d mockup when making  your order.

I need multiple languages on my package. Can you provide the translation service?

We can provide English, French, Russian and German translations. Translations in any other language should be provided to us.

I have a product that I will sell on Amazon. Can you prepare the images for me?

We are common with Amazon requirements about the listing images. Provide us the raw material and you will get a nice and converting images for your listing.

Due to the complexity of the topic, you’d better use the contact form below.

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