ShowEz Portable Shower A+ Content




Mar 2021


Portable Shower A+ Content

Project Duration: 1 week

Project Team:

  • Project Manager: Todor Todorov
  • Lead Graphic Designer: Martin Todorov
  • Content Writer: Copy was provided by the client
  • Photographer: Images were provided by the client

Project Summary:

The project involved creating seven Amazon A+ Content modules for the ShowEz Portable Shower. The goal was to enhance the product listing with engaging and informative content, increasing customer engagement and driving higher conversion rates.

Project Objectives:

  1. Develop visually appealing and informative A+ Content modules.
  2. Highlight the unique features and benefits of the ShowEz Portable Shower.
  3. Increase customer engagement and improve conversion rates on Amazon.

Process Overview:

  • Planning and Research: Initial meetings to understand product and branding requirements.
  • Concept Development: Creation of wireframes and mock-ups for each module.
  • Content Creation: Writing copy, conducting photoshoots, and designing graphics.
  • Design and Layout: Using design tools to create visually consistent modules.
  • Quality Assurance: Review for accuracy and adherence to guidelines.
  • Implementation: Uploading and formatting the A+ Content on Amazon.

Project Deliverables:

  • Seven A+ Content modules including:
  • Brand Overview
  • Product Features
  • How It Works
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Use Cases
  • Product Comparison

Tools and Technologies Used:

  • Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator


The project was completed successfully, enhancing the Amazon listing for the ShowEz Portable Shower. The A+ Content improved customer engagement and increased conversion rates.

Client Feedback:

“The A+ Content created for our portable shower has significantly improved our product’s presentation on Amazon. We are very satisfied with the results and the professional approach of the team.”


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Todor Todorov


ShowEz Portable Shower A+ Content