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Nevinx Performance


Oct 2022

Nevinx Performance Photography and 7 Listing Images

  1. Showcase Nevinx Performance Products: Capture high-quality photographs that highlight the unique features and design of Nevinx Performance products.
  2. Create Compelling Listing Images: Develop 7 standout images for online listings to increase visibility and appeal to potential buyers.
  3. Enhance Brand Image: Utilize professional photography to strengthen the Nevinx Performance brand’s visual identity and market presence.

Project Scope

  • Photography Sessions: Conduct multiple photography sessions to capture the product in various settings and angles.
  • Post-Processing: Edit and enhance photos to ensure clarity, vibrancy, and alignment with brand aesthetics.
  • Listing Image Creation: Design 7 distinct images tailored for e-commerce listings, emphasizing product details, usability, and benefits.


  1. Planning and Coordination:
  • Consult with Nevinx Performance to understand the product specifications, target audience, and brand guidelines.
  • Develop a shot list and storyboard to guide the photography sessions.
  1. Photography Execution:
  • Set up the studio with appropriate lighting, backdrops, and equipment.
  • Conduct photo shoots, capturing a range of images for each product.
  1. Image Selection and Editing:
  • Review and select the best images from each session.
  • Use advanced editing software (e.g., Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom) to enhance image quality.
  1. Creation of Listing Images:
  • Design 7 images optimized for online listings, ensuring each highlights different aspects of the product (e.g., close-ups, lifestyle shots, feature highlights).


  • High-Quality Photographs: Delivered a collection of high-resolution images showcasing Nevinx Performance products in a professional and appealing manner.
  • Effective Listing Images: Created 7 optimized listing images that effectively communicate the product’s value and benefits, enhancing the likelihood of consumer engagement and sales.
  • Client Satisfaction: Received positive feedback from Nevinx Performance on the quality and impact of the images.

Key Highlights

  • Innovative Techniques: Employed creative lighting and composition techniques to highlight the unique features of Nevinx Performance products.
  • Attention to Detail: Focused on capturing fine details and ensuring each image aligns with the brand’s visual identity.
  • Timely Delivery: Completed the project within the agreed timeframe, ensuring all deliverables were provided promptly.


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Resistance Bands Listing Images