iOgrapher 37mm Wide Angle Lens Package Design




Aug 2023


Clip On Macro Lens and Wide Phone Lens

Project Objectives:

  1. Develop an eye-catching and informative package design for the iOgrapher 37mm Wide Angle Lens.
  2. Ensure the design aligns with the iOgrapher brand identity and appeals to the target market.
  3. Include clear and concise information about the product features and benefits on the packaging.
  4. Design packaging that stands out on retail shelves and protects the product effectively.

Project Scope:

  • Front Package Design:
  • Visually striking design with the iOgrapher logo and product name.
  • High-quality image of the 37mm Wide Angle Lens.
  • Key features highlighted in a visually appealing manner.
  • Back Package Design:
  • Detailed product description and specifications.
  • Instructions for use and key benefits of the lens.
  • Barcode, legal information, and company contact details.
  • Side Panels:
  • Infographics highlighting key features and compatibility.
  • Branding elements and website URL for further information.

Process Overview:

  1. Planning and Research:
  2. Initial meetings with iOgrapher to understand the product, target audience, and branding guidelines.
  3. Research on packaging trends and competitor packaging designs.
  4. Concept Development:
  5. Brainstorming and sketching initial design concepts.
  6. Creating mood boards and design drafts for client review.
  7. Design and Illustration:
  8. Using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create detailed package design elements.
  9. Incorporating client feedback to refine and finalize the design.
  10. Content Creation:
  11. Writing clear and concise product descriptions, features, and usage instructions.
  12. Ensuring all text aligns with the iOgrapher brand voice and style.
  13. Quality Assurance:
  14. Reviewing the design for accuracy, visual appeal, and adherence to brand guidelines.
  15. Conducting final checks to ensure the design meets all packaging requirements.
  16. Delivery:
  17. Providing the client with print-ready packaging files in the required formats.
  18. Including a packaging guideline document for manufacturing.

Project Deliverables:

  • Complete package design for the iOgrapher 37mm Wide Angle Lens:
  • Front design
  • Back design
  • Side panels
  • High-resolution images and vector files (AI, PDF)
  • Packaging guideline document.

Tools and Technologies Used:

  • Graphic Design: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


The project was completed successfully within the timeline, resulting in a visually appealing and informative package design. The new packaging enhanced the product’s retail presence and provided clear, concise information to customers, aligning perfectly with iOgrapher’s brand identity.


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iOgrapher 37mm Wide Angle Lens Package Design