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Jun 2024


Grassfed Beef Liver

Grassfed Beef Liver Objective: Create a compelling set of 7 high-quality Amazon listing images for the Grassfed Beef Liver Supplement by Tribal Supplements. These images should effectively showcase the product, its benefits, and unique selling points, aligning with Amazon’s guidelines and optimized for conversion.

Key Elements for Each Image:

Main Product Image:

Focus: Clear and professional shot of the product bottle.

Background: Pure white background to comply with Amazon’s requirements.

Label Visibility: Ensure the product label is readable and highlights key information.

Supplement Benefits:

Graphics: Overlay text and icons to highlight main benefits (e.g., “Rich in Vitamins A & B12”, “Supports Energy Levels”).

Imagery: Use attractive and relevant imagery that complements the text.

Ingredients and Purity:

Focus: Emphasize the product’s grassfed and natural ingredients.

Design: Infographic style, showcasing ingredients with icons or small images.

Text: “100% Grassfed”, “No Fillers”, “Non-GMO”, “Paleo-Friendly”.

Nutritional Information:

Content: Clear display of the supplement facts label.

Layout: Easy-to-read format, possibly showing a close-up of the actual label.

Lifestyle Image:

Setting: Photo of the supplement being used in a realistic, everyday setting (e.g., on a kitchen counter or being held by a person).

Objective: Create a connection with the target audience by showing how the product fits into their lifestyle.

Implementation Notes:

  • Branding Consistency: Ensure all images maintain consistent color schemes, fonts, and overall branding to create a cohesive and professional appearance.
  • Resolution and Quality: Use high-resolution images to meet Amazon’s quality standards and ensure clarity on all devices.
  • Compliance: Adhere to Amazon’s image guidelines, including size requirements, no watermarks, and appropriate use of text and graphics.

Steps to Execution:

  1. Planning and Conceptualization:
  • Define the visual style and gather all necessary information (benefits, ingredients, testimonials).
  • Sketch or wireframe the layout for each image.
  1. Graphic Design:
  • Arrange for high-quality stock images
  • Use graphic design tools (e.g., Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator) to create infographics, text overlays, and comparison charts.
  1. Review and Optimization:
  • Review the images for accuracy, clarity, and appeal.
  • Optimize images for web use, ensuring fast loading times and proper display on different devices.
  1. Final Approval and Upload:
  • Get approval from key stakeholders.
  • Upload the images to the Amazon listing, ensuring they are in the correct order and meet all technical requirements.

By following these guidelines, the set of images will effectively highlight the Grassfed Beef Liver Supplement by Tribal Supplements, attract potential customers, and drive sales on Amazon.


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Grassfed Beef Liver