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May 2024


7 High-Converting Amazon Listing Images For Youthogenix

The project involved creating a set of seven high-converting Amazon listing images for the Youthogenix brand. These images were designed to effectively showcase the product’s features, benefits, and usage scenarios to potential Amazon customers, aiming to increase visibility and drive higher sales.

Project Objectives:

  1. Create visually appealing and informative images that comply with Amazon’s listing guidelines.
  2. Highlight the unique features and advantages of the Youthogenix products.
  3. Enhance customer engagement and improve conversion rates.

Project Scope:

  • Main Product Image:
  • High-resolution image of the Youthogenix product on a white background.
  • Clear display of the product packaging, label, and branding.
  • Infographic Image:
  • Detailed image highlighting key features and benefits.
  • Use of icons and concise text to communicate benefits clearly.
  • Lifestyle Image:
  • Image showing the product in a relatable setting, demonstrating its use.
  • Focus on the product’s practicality and effectiveness in real-life scenarios.
  • Feature Highlight Image:
  • Close-up shots of key features and unique selling points.
  • Emphasis on quality and the efficacy of the ingredients used.

Process Overview:

  1. Planning and Research:
  2. Initial meetings with Youthogenix to understand product specifications, target audience, and branding requirements.
  3. Competitor analysis to identify effective visual strategies for Amazon listing images.
  4. Concept Development:
  5. Sketching and brainstorming sessions to develop concepts for each image.
  6. Creation of a storyboard to outline the visual narrative.
  7. Photography and Graphic Design:
  8. Professional photoshoot for lifestyle and close-up images.
  9. Use of graphic design tools (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator) to create infographics and enhance images.
  10. Image Optimization:
  11. Editing images to meet Amazon’s technical requirements (size, resolution, format).
  12. Ensuring fast loading times and high-quality display on the platform.
  13. Quality Assurance:
  14. Reviewing and refining images to ensure alignment with project objectives and client expectations.
  15. Conducting final checks for consistency and adherence to guidelines.
  16. Delivery:
  17. Provided the client with all final images in the required formats.
  18. Included a usage guideline document for Amazon listing.

Tools and Technologies Used:

  • Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


The project was completed on schedule, resulting in a set of high-quality, high-converting Amazon listing images. The client reported an increase in product visibility and customer engagement, leading to higher sales.


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