Amazon’s Worst: The 10 Most Useless Products Revealed

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Amazon`s Worst

In the vast expanse of Amazon’s marketplace, where millions of products compete for attention, not everything is a hit. While some items earn rave reviews and become household staples, others miss the mark by a wide margin. Amid the treasure trove of innovative gadgets and must-have products, there lurk some true duds—items that leave customers scratching their heads and wondering, “What were they thinking?”

Welcome to our exploration of Amazon’s most bewildering offerings. In this blog post, we’re diving deep into the quirkiest, most impractical, and downright useless products that have found their way into Amazon’s catalog. From gadgets that solve nonexistent problems to bizarre contraptions that defy logic, we’ve scoured the reviews and gathered the top 10 products that stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Join us as we reveal these infamous flops and the hilarious, sometimes scathing customer feedback they’ve received. Whether you’re in the mood for a good laugh or a cautionary tale about online shopping, these product fails are sure to entertain and enlighten. Prepare to be amazed by the sheer absurdity of these items that make you question how they ever made it past the design stage. Let’s get started!

Why Focus on Worst Products

Knowing what doesn’t work is just as crucial as knowing what does when it comes to navigating the vast world of e-commerce. This is particularly relevant on platforms like Amazon, where the range of products is extensive. By focusing on the worst products on Amazon, entrepreneurs and consumers alike can gain valuable insights into what to avoid and what pitfalls to steer clear of. Understanding the shortcomings of these products is not only informative but also helps in making informed decisions about future product development and marketing strategies. So, whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a savvy consumer, delving into the world of the worst products on Amazon can provide valuable lessons and empower you to make better choices.

Criteria for Selection

Compiling a list of the top 10 worst products typically involves analyzing customer reviews and ratings, monitoring return rates, and considering expert opinions from review sites or consumer advocacy groups. Websites like “Amazon Review Checker” or “ReviewMeta” can help identify products with suspicious review patterns, which might be indicative of poor product quality.

The 10 Most Useless Products on Amazon

1. Banana Slicer

The banana slicer promises to make slicing bananas a breeze, but it has left many customers scratching their heads. This plastic gadget, shaped to fit a banana, allows you to cut the fruit into even slices with one swift motion. While it might seem like a time-saver, many users point out that slicing a banana with a regular knife is just as quick and far less cumbersome. Moreover, the slicer doesn’t accommodate bananas of varying sizes, making it a one-trick pony that clutters your kitchen drawer.

2. USB Pet Rock

Remember the pet rock craze of the 1970s? Someone decided to bring it back with a modern twist: the USB Pet Rock. This product is exactly what it sounds like—a rock with a USB plug. It doesn’t light up, store data, or serve any functional purpose whatsoever. It’s just a rock. While some might see it as a quirky desk ornament, the majority of buyers have expressed their bewilderment and disappointment, finding it to be a complete waste of money.

3. Rotato Express

The Rotato Express is an electric potato peeler that promises to peel potatoes and other fruits and vegetables quickly and efficiently. While it sounds like a kitchen game-changer, users have found it to be anything but. The device is bulky, difficult to clean, and often fails to peel the vegetables properly, leaving behind significant portions of the skin. For many, a traditional peeler proves to be faster, more reliable, and easier to handle.

4. Baby Mop Onesie

Combining baby care with housework, the Baby Mop Onesie is an outfit for infants that has mop-like fringes attached to the arms and legs. The idea is that as your baby crawls around, they will simultaneously clean your floors. While it might sound amusing, most parents find the concept impractical and somewhat exploitative. Babies tend to be messy, and the onesie is likely to pick up dirt and germs that you wouldn’t want your child to be in contact with.

5. Potty Putter

For those who can’t bear to be away from their golf practice, the Potty Putter allows you to work on your putting skills while sitting on the toilet. This kit includes a small putting green, a mini putter, and a hole with a flag. Despite its novelty, many users have deemed it useless due to its awkward and impractical setup. Most people find it hard to take seriously, relegating it to the category of gag gifts rather than functional items.

6. iPhone Steering Wheel Mount

This product is designed to mount your iPhone on your steering wheel, ostensibly to provide easier access to your device while driving. However, this “solution” raises significant safety concerns. Not only does it obstruct your view of the dashboard, but it also encourages distracted driving, which is illegal and highly dangerous. Reviews overwhelmingly condemn this product as not only useless but also hazardous.

7. Fish Training Kit

For those who want to teach their pet fish tricks, the Fish Training Kit includes tools like hoops and tunnels. While training fish might sound like a fun and unique hobby, in reality, it is exceedingly difficult and time-consuming. Fish are not known for their trainability, and most owners find it nearly impossible to achieve the promised results. As a result, this kit often ends up as an unused novelty item.

8. Electronic Fork

The electronic fork is designed to vibrate when it detects that you are eating too quickly. The intention is to help you pace your eating habits and promote better digestion. However, the effectiveness of this product is highly questionable. Many users find the vibrations more annoying than helpful, and the fork’s bulkiness makes it uncomfortable to use. Additionally, mindful eating can be achieved without such a gadget, making this product largely redundant.

9. Finger Covers for Eating Chips

If you’re tired of greasy fingers from eating chips, this product offers small silicone covers for your fingers. While it might keep your fingers clean, the practicality is dubious. The covers can be awkward to put on and take off, and they may not fit all finger sizes comfortably. Most users find it easier to wash their hands after snacking, rendering these finger covers an unnecessary complication.

10. Self-Stirring Mug

The self-stirring mug comes with a built-in mechanism that automatically stirs your beverage with the press of a button. While it seems like a neat idea, users have found it to be over-engineered for a simple task. The mug is difficult to clean, and the stirring mechanism can be unreliable. For most people, using a spoon to stir their drink is far more efficient and straightforward.


In the world of online shopping, it’s easy to get lured in by the promise of innovative gadgets and quirky novelties. However, as this list demonstrates, not every product lives up to its claims. From kitchen gadgets that complicate simple tasks to novelty items that serve no practical purpose, these products have earned their place as Amazon’s most useless offerings. Before making your next purchase, it might be wise to consider whether the item in question will truly add value to your life or simply end up as another regrettable buy.


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